Worksite Wellness

Sharon E. Hawks, the owner and director of the Nutrition and Diabetes Education Center, is a highly trained wellness coach with over 25 years of experience in the area of diabetes management, women’s health, minority health, heart disease, sports nutrition, weight management and wellness consulting. Her knowledge and widespread experience allow her to work on a variety of health and wellness projects with ease. In addition, NADECs Staff is highly trained in worksite wellness and  cultural diversity which allows us to work with individuals and groups from numerous cultural and ethnic backgrounds. We pride ourselves on the ability to create and tailor presentations specific to an organization  needs. The wellness programs we offer your employees are infused with passion, motivation and excitement.


Sharon is a recognized expert and a leading authority on nutrition, fitness and diabetes. She is a dynamic and charismatic speaker who motivates groups of all sizes to make lasting lifestyle changes. Health professionals, businesses, and the general public are enthusiastic about her engaging, energetic, clear and practical delivery and explanation of normal or distorted nutrition topics. She empowers individuals to create the life they deserve through her popular, energy-packed motivational seminars. Sharon can cut through the maze of confusing health lingo and make the information clear and practical for her audience by combining humor, real life experience, and common sense. Her presentations are always upbeat and lively with a hint of southern charm which keeps the participants engaged from start to finish. If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker and wellness expert to deliver your health message, Sharon is a great choice.