Welcome to NADEC’s First Blog!

At the Nutrition and Diabetes Education Center, it’s our goal to provide practical advice and solutions to help you navigate through the complexities of nutritional health.
Since 2003, we’ve used a holistic approach with our patients, through the mind, body, and spirit, to help people grow– and now we’re going to be taking that same approach in our practice! Over the years, we’ve had thousands of people come visit us at our office– but now we’re going to start bringing the information straight to you in our brand new blog and social media accounts!
By following this, you’ll have access to the most current nutritional news and research, fun cooking tips and recipes, lifestyle advice– as well as news about NADEC– all in one convenient and exciting place! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and keep on the lookout for our next post, where we’ll be getting into the fun of Halloween candy!